Valentine’s Crafting

So in between blowing my nose and chasing my almost 16 month old around I’ve been crafting.  I just love Valentine’s day and the precious little hearts that go with it.  I’ve gotten away from decorating the house in just traditional red and pink.  Oh, I still have them, but I’ve also been doing the rainbow of colors in heart shape of course.

I’ve also been working on making felt flowers.  I’ve gotten a ton of ideas from Pinterest and that is how I found this tutorial from the Purl bee. I will say now that I am a horrible at sewing.  I make a mess when I sew and I take all kinds of short cuts to get done.  I still did  a pretty good job with this project and I can show you my little rose and then finished flower.

I’m not making the hair clip, but it did give me an idea for another project.  I will show more finished pictures on Valentine’s day.  I also made another really quick Valentine’s felt project after finding Thirty Handmade Days through Pinterest.  She made the cutest little  Valentine bookmarks and she made it look really easy!  I have to say they are super cute and I had a lot of fun making these.

I plan on making some in other colors, but chose these first at my son’s, Michael, request. Michael and I also worked on his school Valentine’s day cards too.  Instead of buying a box we made some out of cupcake liners.  This time we were inspired by Martha Stewart and her too cute Valentine’s cupcake liner idea.

I think they came out perfect!

You get two cupcake liners and flatten them out and glue the edges.  We put some Starburst in the center and used some Batman liners for the boys and some heart ones for the girls.  Michael is so excited to give these to his friends!

I still have some other items to share, but I’m saving them for Valentine’s day!

So stay tuned…

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